0_0_0_0_181_115_csupload_62294103When you think of church do the words “irrelevant”, “boring”, or “judgmental” ever come to your mind? Have you ever felt “put off”, “put down” or “put out” by the whole church experience? Unfortunately, we’ve found that many people’s negative experiences with church have left a bad taste in their mouth and thinking that the church primarily exists for itself. But what if there was a different kind of church? One that accepts you no matter where you’ve been, is far from boring and irrelevant, works hard to make our world a better place and one that really helps you move on your . Would you be interested? We think you’ll find something different at Riverview. We’re far from being perfect but we believe that the truths of the Bible can be applied to everyday life in helpful ways, and that people looking to find their way back to God can “come as they are” and grow. Together we’re becoming a group of people who can be real with each other, forgiving of one another, and united on making a difference in our world. We’d love to have you join us.


Sunday School: 9:15am | Worship Services: 10:30am

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