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You Have A Pastor

Need A Pastor? You Have One.

Everyone at some point in their lives needs the ministry of a pastor.  Regardless of your attendance in church, or no attendance at all, is of little concern to Rev. Faulkner when you experience certain events in your life that require the assistance of a pastor.  All of us are terminally imperfect and simply put, we need each other.
Our pastor ministers to the entire community, not just those who attend church on Sundays.  Whether it be you, or a family member that is in need of a friend to provide spiritual support, i.e., a visit in the hospital, ministry to those terminally ill, counseling, or any other spiritual assistance, you may be assured, Rev. Faulkner will make every effort to ease your burden.

What’s the catch?

In case you’re wondering what this is going to cost . . . ?  Absolutely nothing.  It’s already been paid.  

To request pastoral support, counseling or any other spiritual assistance from Rev. Faulkner, complete the information requested below. Rev. Faulkner will contact you within 48 hours of your submission. Your submitted information will remain confidential.

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