The Family Ministry program exists to reach and encourage families in their spiritual growth, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism.

The Family Ministry Bible study group meets Tuesday mornings at 10:30am at the church in room 208. During the 2nd week each month, our study will meet on Thursday morning at 10:30 at the church.  We meet for an in depth study of God’s word.  Through our Bible studies, we are being challenged to grow in our relationship with our Lord.  We are also being encouraged to discover, develop, and use our spiritual gifts to minister to others. As families grow closer to the Lord, the church is strengthened.

God has a unique plan for Riverview Baptist Church.  As more families get involved inviting their friends and neighbors, all of us together will seek and follow God’s direction for ministry, both in our church and in our community.



Barbara WebBarbara Dudley
Director of Family Ministry
Riverview Baptist Church

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